Modern archive - reliability, efficiency, willingness to change
Paper archive - Electronic accounting
Any shelf is now available for any document.
Search the document and the information on it is available at any given time.
Identification of each employee - you always know who and when took the document.
Simple interface - better performance
One of the main tenets of Tabularium is convenience. Intuitive interface - a minimum of errors, which is critical in any archive
Keep records of documents - EASY!
Register document
Fill in the details of the document or unload from any existing workflow system
Print and paste the bar-code on the folder
We place the document on the shelf and designate the storage location in the system by scanning the shelf barcode
Wearable device to the archivist ?! Why?!
Tabulium automatically calculates the optimal route of movement through the archive when picking up composite orders
Search by numbers
By entering the inventory number of the document, you can get all available information about it directly from your mobile device.
Search by barcode
If the document is at hand, it is enough to scan it is barcode to find out on which shelf it should be or what order it belongs to.
Multiple processing
In case it is necessary to place several documents on one storage section, it is enough to scan the shelf barcode only once.
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