Want unique badges and fast?
What is the ConfBadge
Easy to learn, with the clear and pleasant interface, an online service for creating badges for any event. This is your own constructor, in which you can create the necessary layout in 5 minutes, download the list of participants of the event and get ready-to-print layouts of badges.
And what is special about it?
ConfBadge features
Ability to add participants both one by one and whole lists
Integration with a service with which every industry specialist is familiar
Easy peasy
There is no need to hire a "professional", the functionality is so simple that everything happens as if by magic.
Three easy steps
What to do to create the badge?
Choose size
Just specify the appropriate us the size of the proposed options
Define a pattern
The ConfBadge template collection is constantly updated, and of course you have the opportunity to upload your own
Denote the format
Specify the number of blocks for placing information of different types (name, position, company, etc.) and voila! The badge is ready
How much is the service?
We are not engaged in charity, but making ourselves invisible to your budget
Can be free?
Yes, you can! Events up to 15 people is free
And if more people?
There are two tariffs:
up to 200 people - 20$
up to 1000 people - 50$

And if they are even more?
Well then you subscription:
1 month - 9$
6 months - 37$
12 months - 60$

Get the world's best badge creation service.

A few words about yourself and you get the CONFBADGE!
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