Personal development
Mobile Apps, Web Application,
Terms of reference for the development, accounting of business processes, wishes, user needs and customer technologies.
We work at scenarios of user behavior, design the application logic.
We adapt the corporate identity of the customer to the guides of all platforms and create convenient and understandable interfaces.
Create a scalable architecture, write clean code, check it for stability and work with customer technology.
We carry out manual functional testing and write UI-autotests, prepare checklists and test-cases.
We work on SLA. We monitor the stability of the application, adapt to new devices and versions of iOS and Android.
Who are we?
The PROFSOFT team of specialists is developing personal software in Russia. With our help, you look differently at your limits. Increasing the quality of service, raising sales, saving money through business automation and the introduction of new internal systems are not all the advantages that your company will experience when turning to the PROFSOFT. Thanks to the mobile applications developed by us, all of the above is not only possible, but also easy to use.

Every year we recruit only the most talented with a huge stock of knowledge and a new original look at work. We train, motivate and provide interesting projects where you can realize all your capabilities at any stage of development. We create all conditions for active, interesting work, because the key to success is to love what you are doing. Now there are 20 people in our staff, who work in the central office.

We entered the TOP-100 Tagline mobile application developers 2018.

Successfully completed more than 40 projects in various areas of business. Among our many clients are the largest Russian firms from the manufacturing and IT-industries, retailers, state-owned companies and many others.

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